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We don’t just create for other people – we rework our own website every couple of years, just to play with the possibilities and stretch the boundaries on our home turf. Once we generate designs and features that get results, we deliver that proven functionality to our clients. We innovate – you benefit.
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Trawart dev.

Digital marketing & Web development

Trawart dev. provides total and integrated strategy for the presence of companies and small / medium businesses on the Internet, including web design, digital marketing and development.

Some Facts About Us:

  • Technical education
  • 10+ years of experience
  • 50+ successfull projects
  • Creative and easy-going
  • Responsible
  • Attentive to details


Why You Should Build Your Website With Us


During the Inception phase, the team at Trawart dev. works diligently to discover everything about our clients’ business.


Once Inception is complete, we begin our creative work. Since each client and their needs are unique, our in-house artists begin by identifying valuable existing content (logos, typeface, colors) and start developing the visual brand.


For website projects, once Creation is complete and design and content are approved, the development work can begin.


After project inception, artistic creation, and site construction, we arrive at our favorite part of the process.

We offer you the top-notch solution currently achievable and a range of ideas that can be accomplished.

Our know-how

The development of a goal oriented and, extensive website requires multipractical approach, know-how all of which are within our reach. We build WordPress solutions that are rephined, yet simple to suit your needs in terms of appearance and receptivness.

Web & WordPress Development

Designing powerful & appealing websites based on the world’s most flexible and most attractive CMS – WordPress. We build exquisite, user friendly WordPress websites, tailored to fit your requirements and easy to assimilate with a wide assortment of plugins and other digital solutions.

Our strenghts are: a flawless design implementation, eCommerce, numerous template Themes, plugin and any API implementation following the strictest security protocols currently available.

Front End

Carrying out the front end for multifaceted products and sophisticated UIs. User interfaces are our preffered challenge – we develop the front end for worldwide known products and trade name websites, using specifically our efficient code and meticulous approach to overall project management.

Pixel perfect development, sustainable code and development methodologies are implyed in achieving the best possible results. Spotless product performance, complex animations and interactions are achieved by implying an accurate user experience methodology.

Tech with a soul

Our sole purpose is to bring your project to life. No matter if it’s just a scribble on a napkin or a comprehensive plan containing multiple elements, we develop them until they achive their full potential.lose to hear but we also keep our customers close.



E-Shops Development

- Magento, WooCommerce -

E-Shops Development

We offer an integrated approach to design and the functionality of a shop with due regard to all nuances and details of a customer’s business.

Web Sites Development

- WordPress, Drupal, Joomla -

Web Site Development

Our expert team of Website Developers & Digital Strategists
use cutting edge technology & best practices to create
custom sites that increase user engagement.

Online Marketing

- SEO, SMM, AdWords -

Online Marketing

Our digital marketing strategy is built on the foundation
of driving measurable results. We take an omni-channel
approach to online marketing with a focus on increasing
conversions, repeat traffic and generating greater
brand loyalty online.


6 Short Steps Towards Your
Brand New Website
  • 1. Discussion

  • 2. Planning

  • 3. Design

  • 4. Coding

  • 5. Programming

  • 6. Website Is Ready!


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Customer focused

Top custom tailored service combined with technical know-how and extensive experience is what our clients need so they can feel it’s about them and their project.

Perfect codes

Genuine goal oriented coding.

Time to market

We value and understand the importance of TTL. Even the clients themselves will not be able to discourage us from it.

Home Grown

Our production team is our family so we keep them close to hear but we also keep our customers close.


Our team is simply the best. We’re technologists who will execute any project that suits your needs. Our staff is professional and highly skilled, goal-oriented, and ready meet any objective without hesitation, we select the right developer for each client every single time.

London, UK

+44 75 1941 6985


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